Me, a sign, and the old lady across the street (with her shotgun and bat). I love my job.

July 23, 2010

This afternoon I headed over to one of our new listings to drop off fliers and put up some sign riders. As I was putting up a rider a little old lady from across the street wandered over.  She was about 4’10” tall, had on a big sweater, over sized sun glasses, and a baseball  hat that made the bottom half of her gray hair poof out afro style.

How much are they asking for that house???

I talk briefly about the house and then tell her how beautiful her home was and that I really liked her landscaping (they were working in the yard when I pulled up).

Why thank you!  We are working very hard to keep the neighborhood beautiful but YOU KNOW WHAT??  My neighbors two houses down have been stealing my lilies!  Can you believe that?  Stealing my lilies!!  I planted some last week and GONE!  I know it’s them too, they are always stealing things out of people’s yards.  Can you believe that??

I tell her that I think that just stinks and then offer to stand guard for her so they can’t steal anymore.

I don’t need YOU to protect me!  I lived in the country my whole life, on 77 acres near Wabash!!  I can take care of myself!!

We talked about her old farm for the next 20 minutes.  We covered farming, taking care of horses, corn, her husband that passed, and how she misses the privacy and space.  When I say WE I mean mostly HER, but I love to hear about how things used to be and loved hearing about her life.  Suddenly she remembered that she was talking about her lily stealing neighbors…

They steal all kinds of things from me!  It’s just not right.  When I was in the country I would fend for myself.  If I thought somebody was going to steal from me I would hide under the porch with a shotgun!  NOBODY STEALS FROM ME!!

I asked her if she had ever shot anybody that was on her property.

NOT YET!!!!  God says that vengeance will be His but NOT ON MY PROPERTY!  I’LL SHOOT EM!  If I can’t shoot em then by God I will hit them with my weapon of choice… you know what that is Jared?  A BASEBALL BAT!!

After a good laugh I  redirect the conversation back to her flowers.  We chat for 10 more minutes, share some laughs, then she asks me for my business card because her son is looking for a home and needs a Realtor and she thinks he will “like me fine”. I left feeling like that was the best 30 minutes I have had in a long long time.  I love my job.  🙂



  1. Very cool! I love meetings like that. 😀

  2. That’s whats fun about being a realtor, meeting interesting people!!!

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