Some Common Misconceptions About Buying and Selling a Home… Part 2

July 24, 2010

Last week I blogged about some common misconceptions about buying and selling a home.  You can view that post HERE.  Here is part 2:

We listed Henry HomeSeller’s 5 bedroom 3.5 bath, $235,000 SPLIT LEVEL home 6 weeks ago. He called me last week and started to chew me out.  He was very upset that even though we have had quite a few showings from other Realtors and a couple of parties interested, WE haven’t personally showed it once.  “As my Realtor I expect you to show it to all of your Buyers.  Isn’t that YOUR JOB???” Henry said.

My response: “Henry, I understand your thoughts.  Right now I am working with 10 Buyers, most of them are in the $120,000-$200,000 price range, and NOT 1 OF THEM is looking for anything REMOTELY close to a home like yours.  If I were to show my Buyer YOUR HOME when they are looking for a 3 bedroom 2 bath ranch on a slab in the $140,000 price range… they wouldn’t be my Buyer very long, and I would be wasting your time.”  Thankfully Henry understood and we are all a BIG HAPPY FAMILY AGAIN!

A good Buyers agent (like all of us are on The Christiansen Team) will not show a Buyer homes that don’t fit their criteria. If I have a listing that fits one of my Buyers criteria YOU BETTER BELIEVE THAT THEY WILL SEE THAT HOUSE!!


Holly HouseHunter called me and said:  “Hey Jared, I know you told me to call YOU if I had ANY questions about ANY HOMES out there, but I got really excited when I drove by the home on Elm St and I, um, well, called the Realtor on the sign.  He is going to show it to me tonight and then if I like it I’ll call you back and we can write the offer.  Is that okay?”

My response: “No Holly HouseHunter, that isn’t okay.  I have been working with you for quite a while and I explained that if you contact another Realtor and have them show you the house, you are roped into working with them on that particular house.  It’s called PROCURING CAUSE“.

Holly was concerned that she was wasting my time by calling me so much. She wasn’t, that’s my job.  If you become one of our Buyers or Sellers you will never waste our time with questions, concerns, or anything of the sort.  IT’S OUR JOB TO HELP YOU!


Chandra Cheapskate was convinced that since it is a Buyer’s market (and she listened to her friends at work) she should make a low ball offer. We found her a beautiful home that fit EVERYTHING she wanted priced at $199,900.  She asked me to write an offer for $110,000 and ask for closing costs (3% of purchase price), a carpet allowance of $5,000, and that the Seller pays for all other costs (around $1,000 more).  Once it’s all said and done, the offer is going to look like an offer of LESS THAN 50% OF LIST PRICE!!!!

I tried to convince her that the offer was INSANE and to put herself in the Seller’s shoes. After a half an hour of me trying to convince her that she is wasting everybody’s time, she INSISTED that I write the offer and present it to the other Realtor.  I’m pretty sure I gave her the MOST DRAMATIC EYE ROLL IN HISTORY before I quickly wrote up the offer.  When I called the listing agent I told her the price and conditions and she started cussing and told me that her Sellers won’t even look at the paper.  Obviously I fired that Buyer.  I still don’t think she has bought a house…

Just because it is a Buyer’s market does not mean that you should offer less than 50% of the list price. Well, unless it’s a $10,000 piece of junk fixer upper and you are paying cash.  If Chandra and that Seller were to come to some kind of agreement (say $185,000 purchase price), I can all but GUARANTEE that Seller and the listing agent won’t soon forget the low ball offer we made at the beginning.  My guess is that the Seller will be a BEAR to deal with through the transaction.


That closes Part 2 of what should be a very fun series of blog posts.  Come back next week for more or let me know if you have any ideas or questions for me!

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