Just Stick A Sign In The Yard And Put That Bad Boy On The MLS. What Else Can You Do?

December 23, 2010

I had a meeting the other day with a fellow agent. We were discussing which side of the business we liked better, working with buyers or sellers.

She said “I prefer working with sellers, it’s SO MUCH EASIER. There is hardly any work to it!!”

I chuckled and asked her to elaborate more on her statement.

“When I first started in real estate my Broker told me the key to listings.  Stick a sign in the yard, put that bad boy on the MLS and let it be. If it doesn’t sell in the first 3 months tell them to reduce the price.  Remember to call them a few weeks before it expires and ask for an extension and another price reduction.

I couldn’t tell if she was serious or just yanking my chain!!!

“What else can you do?  Houses sell themselves.  It’s like that Rotiserie you see on late night tv.  SET IT AND FORGET IT!”

At this point I was laughing. Could this agent really be that disconnected?  Does she really not get that this is a personal business and a personal touch is needed and expected?? She currently has 2 listings and has only sold 1 listing in 2 years.  Maybe she just doesn’t get it.

Her jaw dropped when I told her how much interaction our team has with our sellers and how much work we put in to our listings.  Our sellers can expect a weekly traffic report, a weekly phone call from the team member that is handling the listing, exposure on over 20 real estate related websites including blogging and Facebook, prompt feedback on all showings, a monthly market report, and a hug at closing!!! (Yup, we are huggers!)

Her jaw dropped again when I told her how many referrals we get from both our buyers and sellers because of our personal touch. She quietly said that she hadn’t received 1 referral this year.  Very quietly.

I hope our meeting helped her to see that yes, this is a business, but it’s also very personal.  What are your thoughts?

Whether you are buying, selling, downsizing, or relocating to Fort Wayne…


The Christiansen Team is…

* We  were voted Fort Wayne’s Best Real Estate Agent/Team in the FortWayne.com and Fort Wayne Newspapers Readers Pick for 2010.  Thank you to everybody that voted!!

*  Our sales INCREASED from 2009 to 2010 in both number of sales and volume.

*  We were top producers in 2010 for RE/MAX Home Connection.


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